More than 40 years of experience in manufacturing stoves, nearly 20 years of foreign user base, rich experience and data accumulation on the stove combustion efficiency and materials selection.


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Wood stove
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Wood stove - S32-13

Firewood stove S32-13 has been widely used in CDM projects around the world, which has proven its’ durability and popularity in the developing country. It can burn firewood and other solid biomass fuel, and it is great for outdoor cooking.
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Pellet stove - F18

The f-18 fan stove is a classic rocket stove that makes your outdoor cooking very efficient. Due to the semi-gasification effect, the fuel can be fully burned. Fan furnaces can be fired using pellets (small pieces of wood, branches, bark, etc.) and charcoal. It's a great choice for any outdoor kitchen!
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Charcoal stove - C26-18

Features · Easy use and clean. The ash will drop off on the ash drawer and it can also control the air supply easily. · Lightweight and portable. Less than 5kg, and equipped with two comfortable stainless-steel handles with rubber coating. · Durable and steady. Stainless-steel combustion chamber and stove body, cast-iron stove top with 6-point pot holder can make the cookware stand on the top steadily.
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Institution stove - M55

Institutional stove M55 is a large clean rocket stove designed for school, street restaurants, and other places to make a meal for many people. It can burn firewood, charcoal, wood pellets, and biomass briquette.
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Accessories - Super pot

Features · Highly efficient, saving time and energy. It reduces emissions and fuel use to a great extent, due to the increase in heat transfer accomplished by the larger skirt surface area of double-walled design. · Significantly safer. The skirt of super pot protrudes below the stovetop, so firmly seated in place and cannot slide off stove burning children or cook when stirred. · Elegant, durable and easy to move and clean. Stainless steel body, high-temperature resistant plastic handles. · Wider application. Not only our rocket stove but also be used in the gas stove range.
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Global Energy Champion Award

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Special Achievement Award.


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Company Introduction

Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., Ltd. (formerly Shengzhou Stove Factory abbreviated as SSM) was established in 1979, specializing in the production of more than 50 varieties in four categories: wood stove, carbon stove, honeycomb coal stove and biomass pellet stove. The capacity is 1.5 million pieces, and about 3.5 million pieces of various furnace cores. The product has won the China Civil Stove Quality Award for many times

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Founded in 1979



More than 50 varieties


1.5 million pieces per year


3.5 million furnace cores only