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In the past 6 years, SSM had worked with our partners to distribute approximately 860,000 units improved cook stoves in Southeast Asia. These improved cook stoves offer households subsidised or free clean cooking solutions, which are adapted to meet local customs and contexts. Comparing with local traditional stoves, SSM clean cook stoves have high thermal efficiency 50%+, which are estimated to reduce wood fuel consumption by 60% and carbon dioxide emissions by 80%. The impacts of improved cook stoves are wide-reaching and positive on income and health.

In Mexico, households spend 15-20% of their income on firewood. SSM worked with 7 provincial governments of Mexico to distribute over 21,000 Zoom Planchas to households living in the mountainous regions of Mexico and supported by SEDESOL, Mexico’s social welfare government organization. These improved cook stoves with a chimney to direct smoke out of the kitchen; Double burners that maximize heat transfer to multiple cooking surfaces save time and increase income by reducing fuel consumption by 65-80% to cook a meal ; help to reduce biodiversity damage from deforestation.

In Rwanda, more than 83.3% of households in 2014 were dependent on firewood as a source of energy for cooking. It causes numerous premature deaths every year—50 percent of which are children under the age of 5. The main solution promoted for household use, has been more energy-efficient cook stoves. SSM has collaborated with our partner to provide709,000 improved cook stoves to the households in rural regions since 2014. These stove are high efficient and energy- saving, and each of them pass rigorous third party inspections at the point of manufacture and delivery. The impacts are far-reaching on reducing air pollution and deforestation.

SSM collaborate with the partner Solar to supply 15,955 units of this cleaning charcoal stove to replace the traditional stoves in Uganda. Compared to traditional stoves, these improved charcoal stoves achieve fuel savings of 60% and dramatically improve indoor air quality . Each stove will benefit a household of 5 (on average) which means about 79,975 people will benefit directly and indirectly from reducing indoor smoke and energy costs. Biodiversity will be improved through the stove program reducing pressure on remaining forest reserves in Uganda.

In February 2021, SSM produced 10,000 Jet-Flames for Malawi, marking the first large scale commercial commitment to Jet-Flame distribution in the world.

Our partner is hoping the superior cost and cooking amenity provided by the Jet-Flame will make serious inroads to the charcoal user market.

Promising Jet-Flame marketing trials are underway in Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda and Zimbabwe which will drive sales outside of Malawi and providing clean energy access for the rest of the markets across SSA.

Results revealed cooking time across all households was reduced by 29% upon introduction of the Jet-Flame. Households using the Jet-Flame regularly showed a 64% reduction in kitchen particulate matter concentration relative to the baseline. Battery power consumption data showed the daily power consumed by the Jet-Flame(s) (200 mAh) was only about 10% of the power consumed by the lights and phone chargers (1000 mAh each). Finally, the laboratory estimates of carbon reductions earned by implementing the stove and Jet-Flame kit, including fuel savings and reductions in black carbon fraction from 38 to 19%, indicated a reduction in 6.58 tons of CO2e per stove year from baseline when using the stove and Jet-Flame together and including black and organic carbon.

Millions of people in rural areas around the world do not have access to a safe and reliable cooking stove. SSM has provided 8,640pcs firewood stoves to the rural areas in Nepal work with our Nepal distributor, the nature draft stove manufactured by SSM meets tier 3 standard which tested by RETS lab, and we are the only stove manufacturer who pass tier 3 among all the nature draft stoves till now.

SSM improved stove are super efficient, smokeless and safe. They use less fuel and produce less emissions than traditional stoves. They can help you to save money, improve your health and reduce deforestation.We are targets to provide over 20,000 units firewood stoves by the end of 2023.

SSM has supplied SOSAI over 22,000 units cookstoves to inhabitants of Kano state in Nigeria. These stoves were partially assembled upon manufacture and then completed by SOSAI staff in-country. SSM assisted in assembly training, user instruction, maintenance and repair. Not only will people in rural communities be able to cook healthier meals using less fuel, but also they’ll learn about sustainable living practices.

We are passionate about improving the lives of rural communities all over the world by providing them with energy-efficient cook stoves and renewable energy development. We believe that every person deserves access to clean, sustainable, affordable energy – and we’re committed to making that happen.

Cooking is an essential part of daily life,but for 2.6 billion people in developing countries, it comes with significant health and environmental risks.Traditional cooking methods,such as open fire and inefficient stoves,pose a threat to human health,contributing to respiratory diseases and even death. SSM is dedicated to design and manufacture the clean cook stoves which burn efficiently, reduce smoke emissions so that can significantly reduce the health risks of women and children.
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Our team

          We have about 300 employees, including experienced technicians, creative designers, strict testers and inspectors, passionate pre-sales and after-sales service personnel, we are always ready to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service.

Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., Ltd, formerly known as Shengzhou Stove Manufacture (SSM), has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1979. With over 40 years of experience in stove manufacturing,SSM efficient cook stoves have benefit millions of families in the world especially for developing countries.The improved cook stoves SSM manufacturer including firewood stove, charcoal stoves,pellet stoves as well as the institution stoves. Our capacity is 2 millions stoves annually.
SSM has been cooperating with renowned organizations such as the Bill Gates Foundation, Clean Cooking Alliance, Aprovecho Research Center(ARC), China Alliance for Clean Stoves, and the International Red Cross.
With outstanding achievement in using sustainable energy to improve the quality of life and protect the environment, SSM won International Energy Champion 2009 of the Ashden Awards for sustainable energy, and the Special Achievement Award of Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, in appreciation and recognition of our commitment to mass production and distribution of improved cookstoves for the world market.