SSM wood stove S26-11E(galvanized version)


It's a small exquisite clean cook stove for all kinds of firewood, straw, and other biomass fuel. The stick support increases the wood stove durability. The firewood can be fully burnt when put onto the stick support. This improves thermal efficiency, reduces smoke to protect our environment. High temperature stainless steel combustion chamber increases the lifespan. Natural draft, strong firepower, clean burning, energy saving and environmentally friendly. With a protruding shaped metal frame and smaller diameter of 26cm stainless steel top, it’s popular for outdoor camping.

Product performance

1. Thermal efficiency: 53.4%(with pot skirt)

2.Use 50% less fuel than three stone cooking method

3.Each stove up to reduce 5 tons of CO2 emission per year

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Product details:

① Stove top: 304 stainless steel stove top with 6 pot supports, diameter 26cm

Combustion chamber: 1mm stainless steel 430

Stove body: 0.5mm aluminized zinc

④ Handles: solid steel handles

⑤ Door frame: 1mm stainless steel 430

⑥ Inner stick support: 5mm 304 stainless steel       

⑦ Outer stick support: 5mm steel with powder painting

Lifespan and Warranty:

Lifespan: 5-7 years based on proper use and maintenance.

Warranty: 2 years.

Package Details:


Weight: 4kg

Units/20 GP:1280pcs,Units/40HQ:2880pcs

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