SSM wood stove S26-23


Ideal for use outdoors, in the garden, yard or when camping and allows you to cook traditionally with a Dutch oven or cast iron pan. It can use firewood and charcoal. Environmentally friendly and sustainable. The cleanest and most energy-efficient cookstove. Making outdoor cooking fun.

Product performance

1. Thermal efficiency at 49.3%,   please refer to the below Water Boiling Test report.
2. Cooking Time Reduction up to : 50 %
3. Toxic Emission   Reduction up to : 70%

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Product details:

① Stove top: cast iron stove top with 6 pot supports, diameter 26 cm

② Stove body: 0.5mm stainless steel cold rolled steel with powder painting   

③ Door frame: 1mm cold rolled steel with painting

④ Handles: steel and Heat-resistant   plastic

⑤ Combustion chamber: stainless steel, ceramic fiber as insulation layer

⑥ Inner stick support: 1mm cold rolled steel with painting

⑦ Outer stick support: 5mm steel with powder painting

Upper door: can be used as a charcoal stove when the upper door closed.

Lifespan and Warranty:

Lifespan: 3-5 years based on proper use and   maintenance.

Warranty: 2 years

Package Details:

Carbon project package details:

Box Size:326*265*320 mm

Shipping Weight: 7 kg

Units/20 GP: 1120 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 2648 pcs

Amazon order package details

Box Size:330*330*350 mm

Shipping Weight: 8kg

Units/20 GP: 714 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 1764 pcs

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