SSM wood stove S32-23N


Unlike other rocket stove, this stove is super lightweight,thanks to the design of totally stainless steel bottom.   It can use firewood and charcoal. Ideal for use outdoors, in the garden, yard or when camping and allows you to cook with a Dutch oven or cast iron pan.Environmentally friendly and sustainable. The cleanest and most energy-efficient cookstove. Making outdoor cooking fun. 32cm cast iron top make cooking easier.

Product performance

1. Thermal efficiency at 49.3%,   please refer to the below Water Boiling Test report.

2. Cooking time reduction up to : 50 %

3. Toxic emission reduction up to : 70%

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Product details:

① Stove top: Thick Cast iron stove top with 6 pot supports, Diameter 32 cm

② Stove body: 0.5mm 201stainless steel   

③ Door frame: 1mm 201stainless steel

④ Handles: steel and Heat-resistant   plastic

⑤ Combustion chamber: stainless steel, ceramic fiber as insulation layer

⑥ Inner stick support: 5mm stainless steel

⑦ Outer stick support: 5mm steel with powder painting

Upper Door: Can be used as a charcoal stove when close the upper door.

⑨ Lower Door: the lower door is used to manage the fire via adjust the air into the stove and to clean out ashes. When use as a firewood stove, keep upper door and lower door open.

Lifespan and Warranty:

Lifespan: 3-5 years based on proper use and   maintenance.

Warranty: 2 years.

Package Details:

Carbon project package details:

Box Size: 325X325X320 mm

Shipping Weight: 7 kg

Units/20 GP: 1008 pcs; Units/ 40 HQ: 2268 pcs

Amazon order package details:

Box Size: 390X390X385 mm

Shipping Weight: 8kg

Units/20 GP: 540 pcs; Units/ 40 HQ: 1080 pcs

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