Jack ( CEO of SSM) show right way to use SSM STOVE in Myanmar

2023-09-20 16:30

On August 2018, SSM team visited partner’s office in Yangon and took a two-day field trip to Ayeyarwaddy Region. We got a number of feedback and ideas from the end users after visited them

       Jack ( CEO of SSM) teaching women the correct way how to use the improved cookstoves.

Step (1) Take out the iron filter that holds the stove and firewood from the box.

Place the oven firmly on the floor.

Step (2)   Carefully install the small iron filter heel with the wood stick on the left and right hooks of the stove.

Step (3)   Put 3-4 small sticks of wood on the iron heel of the wood stick and get ready to light the fire.

Step (4)   Light the fire and it is ready to cook.

Step (5)   Put the pot on the stove and start cooking.

Step (6)   After each use, throw the ashes out of the oven. Then wipe the outside of the oven clean with a cloth. Please clean thoroughly for next use.


It's obvious the villagers benefited from the use of stoves.