How to use a rocket stove

2023-11-03 16:03

SSM improved stove!

A rocket stove is a stove that burns wood or other biomass fuel and can be used for cooking, heating, or other purposes that require heat. Here are the basic steps for using a rocket stove:



1.Choose the right location: Place your rocket stove in a well-ventilated area, away from flammable items, and on a smooth, solid floor.

2.Prepare the fuel: Rocket stoves typically use firewood or other biomass fuel. Have a sufficient amount of firewood or firewood ready.

3.Cleaning the stove: Make sure the inside of the rocket stove is clean and free of ash or other material.

4.Ignite: Place firewood or firewood inside the rocket stove. Use a fire starter (match, lighter, etc.) to light the fire.

5.Controlling air flow: A rocket stove has a combustion chamber and an air inlet. Adjust the opening and closing of the air inlet as needed to control the flame size and burning speed.

6.Waiting for preheating: Let the inside of the rocket stove heat up to ensure a steady flame. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes to tens of minutes, depending on the rocket stove's design and fuel.

7.Place pots or cook food: Once the rocket stove is preheated, you can place pots and pans on top of the rocket stove to cook. Make sure to use appropriate pots and pans as well as cooking ingredients.

8.Extinguish the flame: When finished using, allow the rocket stove flame to gradually extinguish. Make sure the fuel is completely burned out or extinguish the fire to ensure safety.

Clean up residue: Make sure your rocket stove is clean by removing ashes and remaining charcoal after it has cooled down.