Why improved charcoal stove

2023-11-08 16:25

Charcoal is charred wood, which has lost most volatiles in the production process and has a low moisture content. Thus it emits far less particles when burnt as compared to wood-fire. It is an energy-dense light-weight (on energy value per weight), easy-to-handle, and therefore convenient fuel, which burns without producing much smoke other than during lighting. These properties make it a preferred fuel especially in urban and peri-urban areas.

SSM’s improved charcoal stove has secondary air system design, holes at top of the combustion chamber.

Advantages of these holes:

1.Charcoal stoves can be improved in terms of durability and better heat use.

2.It is crucial to minimize heat loss to the bottom and the sides of the stove.

3.Cleverly designed air circulation in the stoves can "re-use” heat and create draft needed for efficient combustion.

4.ensure a complete combustion of the carbon monoxide.

5. This reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

CO is a toxic gas and has still considerable energy value. Ensuring a complete combustion

will increase energy output and reduce toxic emissions.

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