Amazon Best seller - camping stove

2023-11-13 15:10

Dilaw Warehouse GmbH (DW) stands out as a premier seller on, renowned for its top-notch offerings. Since the fruitful collaboration between DW and SSM began in 2021, it has evolved into a partnership built on trust and shared success.

The initial connection was forged when DW chose our 2-door rocket stove for camping purposes, recognizing the quality and innovation that SSM consistently delivers. This selection was just the beginning of a thriving relationship that has since expanded to encompass a diverse range of outdoor culinary solutions, with a particular focus on the excellence of our Outdoor Dutch Ovens.

In the early stages, DW's engagement with SSM was centered around the purchase of our rocket stove. However, as the days unfolded and the collaboration deepened, DW became increasingly impressed with the capabilities of the SSM team. It became evident that SSM possesses a remarkable capacity to not only meet DW's immediate needs but also to envision and develop an entire BBQ set, along with a variety of other accessories that perfectly complemented DW's product lineup.

The confidence that DW has placed in the SSM team is a testament to the dedication and proficiency that defines our collaborative efforts. This partnership is not merely transactional; it is a dynamic synergy that continues to evolve, driven by a shared commitment to excellence in outdoor cooking solutions. As DW and SSM continue to work hand in hand, the future holds the promise of further innovation, expanded product offerings, and mutual growth in the competitive landscape of outdoor lifestyle products

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