Biomass energy leads the future energy revolution

2023-11-18 13:20

Recently, SSM participated in the Biomass Clean Cooking and Heating International Cooperation Forum held at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, where experts, scholars, industry representatives and media representatives from around the world discussed the important role of biomass energy in the field of clean cooking and heating. During the forum, participants shared and exchanged innovative research results and application experience in the field of biomass clean cooking and heating. These reports cover all aspects of biomass energy collection, transformation and final application, providing valuable inspiration for promoting innovation, industrial upgrading and market cooperation in global biomass cooking and heating technology. In addition, SSM showed the unique design concept of siliceous clay core at the forum. This type of core has already been successfully used in energy saving and low-carbon government projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. Through the integration of intelligent automated production lines, the company improves production capacity and product consistency. The company also said it is committed to designing stoves that are easy to assemble for developing countries in order to promote the development of the field of local stoves, thereby improving people's living conditions and the environment.

Biomass energy stove manufacturer

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