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2023-11-21 13:15

SSM-clean cook stove manufacturer!

We were honored to share that Mr. Daniel Abaka Abbiw, representing the esteemed Embassy of Ghana in China, visited SSM on Nov. 16. During the visit, our CEO Jack, COO Helen and two sales department representative accompanied Mr. Abbiw to visit our production workshops and engage in detailed discussions of exploring the potential for cooperation. We highlighted the importance of clean cooking solutions in reducing indoor air pollution, which has a significant impact on health and the environment. This communication served as an excellent platform to discuss and delve into the specifics of potential cooperation between our organization and Ghana.   We exchanged ideas and experiences, exploring avenues for collaboration in promoting clean cooking solutions in Ghana. We emphasized the potential for knowledge transfer, technology sharing, and capacitybuilding initiatives to support Ghana's efforts in addressing the challenges of household air pollution.We expressed our sincere appreciation to Mr. Abbiw for his valuable insights and perspectives during the visit. His presence strengthened our resolve to foster a longterm partnership in support of clean cooking initiatives in Ghana. We recognize the potential for joint efforts to improve the lives of Ghanaian households, enhance environmental sustainability, and contribute to Ghana's national development agenda.   We aspire to forge strategic alliances, mobilize resources, and leverage our expertise to make a meaningful impact and create a healthier and cleaner living environment for the Ghanaian population. In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Daniel Abaka Abbiw and the Embassy of Ghana in China for their support and collaboration. We are truly excited about the potential for cooperation and the positive changes we can accomplish together.

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SSM-clean cook stove manufacturer!

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