What do you think of the proposal to stop using wood-fired stoves in rural areas?

2023-12-02 14:31

For rural areas to stop using firewood stoves, use other ways of cooking, in fact, many places have been implemented. We don't entirely agree with environmental experts who say that wood-fired stoves cause air pollution problems. I know that cooking with wood stoves will have some smoke, but the harm of these smoke to air pollution is really not too great. If farmers choose to cook in more efficient and environmentally friendly ways, while respecting their wishes, there is no problem at all. At present, we are afraid of imposing a blanket compulsory implementation in all localities, which ignores the vital interests of farmers and fails to fully take into account their reality. Therefore, my views on this issue are as follows.

1, the environment is different in different places, to consider this problem according to local conditions. Like our hometown has always used wood stoves, so it is impossible to switch to natural gas in the short term. On the one hand, it is because the investment of natural gas in mountainous areas like ours is too large, and not many people are willing to install it, and they cannot afford to install it. On the other hand, it is more convenient to use local materials in rural areas, and burning wood is the most economical and efficient way. There was a time when biogas was particularly popular in our local area, but it was later found that it was not much use after several years, and sometimes even a meal of noodles was not cooked. Because the source of biogas raw materials in the countryside is too single, it may be OK at the beginning, but there is not enough biogas over time.

2, the use of what way of life cooking to fully respect the will of farmers. I believe this point is easy for everyone to understand, because for farmers, using wood stoves to cook food has been a living habit for thousands of years. And now in the countryside, most of the people who still choose firewood stoves are elderly people, because the younger generation has gone out to work and usually does not live at home. If you switch to other ways of life, such as using gas stoves, such as using biogas or natural gas, or induction stoves, it is a burden for some elderly people, because they have not used it and are not used to it, and there may even be safety risks. So we have to fully take this into account and focus on their living habits.

In addition, there is another point I want to make clear, that is, rural firewood stoves do not cause serious pollution to the atmosphere, and I have not heard any environmental experts specifically said such remarks on this matter. But there are some people who have made this claim based on false information. Anyway, firewood stove is the way for thousands of years, they essentially will not cause too much pollution to the environment, and the rural vegetation environment is better, the case of green mountains and green water can purify a certain amount of pollution.


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