We’d like to creat a more sustainable and cleaner world!

2023-12-04 16:08

We know that... Women in the developing world community are essential drivers in meeting the needs of every day life. They raise and nurture their children. Plant the seeds and harvest the crops. They dig for water, haul the wood and many times – sacrifice their own dreams for the love of family. Across the planet it’s the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, that are the face of village life.. however men also play a role in providing wood for their family’s wood fired stoves. Equally so companies both large and small, should give a measure of their strengths to the developing world. In this spirit SSM, as a stove manufacturer, will always walk on the front line to help make cooking safer and the world cleaner, because it’s our vision, and we share this, in creating a healthier world community for all of us.

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