Appeal investors to explore and develop carbon projects

2023-12-07 15:37

Today, nearly four in five Africans still cook meals over open fires or on basic stoves. And this number is climbing every year. On average, households spend five hours a day gathering firewood and cooking over rudimentary stoves.

What’s shocking is that the tools to improve this situation are readily available and affordable. All it requires is political will—and some money. To put things in perspective, annual investments needed are roughly the amount wealthy economies spend on coffee in a week.

By burning wood over basic stoves for hours a day in poorly ventilated close quarters, millions of African women inhale harmful toxic fumes and smoke from charcoal, firewood, coal, agricultural waste, and animal dung. As such, a lack of clean cooking contributes to 3.7 million premature deaths annually around the world, with women and children most at risk.

At present, what’s most needed is strong and visionary investors to explore and develop carbon projects for clean cook stoves, and distribute biomass wood stoves, carbon stoves and pellet stoves like our company’s as soon as possible to effectively solve the suffering of local refugees in Africa.


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