Children Deserve Better: The Urgency of Clean Cookstoves

2023-12-09 15:25


Imagine a child's day filled with endless chores, leaving little time for learning and play. This is the reality for millions of children worldwide, who are forced to spend hours each day collecting firewood for their families' cooking fires.

This burden not only robs children of precious childhood moments but also hinders their education and puts their health at risk. The smoke from traditional three-stone fires can cause respiratory problems, eye issues, and even premature death.

Clean cookstoves offer a lifeline, reducing the need for firewood collection and safeguarding children's health and education. These efficient stoves save time and protect children from harmful smoke, allowing them to pursue their dreams.

SSM in China is taking part in producing clean cookstoves that have transformative impact. By sharing our stoves to the worldwide refugees, they raise awareness gradually and mobilize support for clean cooking initiatives, paving the way for a future where children can thrive.

Join us in advocating for clean cookstoves, empowering children to reach their full potential.

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