The types of wood stove are analyzed from various aspects

2023-12-13 15:32

The use of wood stoves should have begun as soon as human beings could use fire. What child growing up in the countryside has not roasted wheat in the wild with a stone stove? Nowadays, the application of wood stoves is more and more extensive, and the types are also various, such as suitable for field exploration, such as rural homes, such as outdoor heating, wood burning, gas burning, oil burning, in summary, today we have done the relevant analysis.

We talked about the types of firewood stoves, firewood stoves have too many types, from the structure, can be divided into single and double layer, single-layer firewood stoves simple structure, diverse design, convenient disassembly, weight is relatively light, double-layer firewood stoves are usually hot air combustion type, the air between the two layers of the furnace body is heated and rises. The heated rising air flows back into the furnace body through several holes in the upper part of the inner layer to participate in combustion, so the outer temperature of the furnace body is low and the heat loss is small. Single-layer is suitable for emergency use in the field, easy to carry, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the general rural household is a double-layer wood stove, which has a good burning effect.

The production materials of wood stove are generally more common titanium and stainless steel, two kinds of flue and no flue, flue wood stove is very convenient to use in the tent, winter can also increase the temperature in the tent, most of the materials will be made of stainless steel or titanium alloy plate. The main system of wood stove is in the combustion efficiency, in general, the furnace material, the number of layers, the furnace capacity, the design structure and the ventilation state and other factors have a relatively large impact on the combustion efficiency, want to have a good combustion efficiency, first of all to ensure the ventilation state, so the design of home wood stove is a large furnace, the field use may be auxiliary blower and so on.

Of course, the type of firewood stove is more than that, firewood stove want to have a good use effect, in addition to the reasonable design and appropriate production materials we said earlier, but also need to pay attention to the use of the season and the type of fuel, the use of firewood stove in the field and family use is different, the use of fuel in different sites is also different, we will leave this to later.

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