SSM team had a training meeting focused on the new cookstove

2023-12-18 11:07

SSM team had a training meeting this afternoon focused on the upcoming production of a new cookstove. The significance of this training lies in guaranteeing that every stage of the process aligns with the inspection guidelines, covering both product inspection and packaging   inspection.We discussed below during the meeting:

Training Session:

Conduct a comprehensive training session for all personnel involved in the production process. This includes assembly line workers, quality control inspectors, and packaging staff.

Inspection Guidelines:

Clearly define and communicate the inspection guidelines for both product and packaging. The inspection guidelines include specific criteria, acceptable tolerances, and visual standards.

Quality Control Points:

Identify critical control points throughout the production process where quality checks are essential. This ensures that any issues can be addressed and corrected promptly.


Develop a documentation system to record inspection results and any corrective actions taken. It could serve as a reference for future improvements and audits.

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