We urge policymakers, donors, and investors to take emergent actions!

2023-12-18 13:35


Today, 2.3 billion people still have to cook with polluting fuels such as wood, charcoal, animal dung, crop residues, and coal, which harm human health, contribute to climate change, and compromise sustainable development. Despite marginal progress over the past decade, the world is woefully off track to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of reaching universal access to clean cooking by 2030.

Therefore, we urge policymakers, donors, and investors to:

Pull the “emergency brake” by rapidly scaling up investments in clean cooking solutions to US$10 billion a year.

⬆️ Reinforce gains in clean cooking access for 100 million people on the brink of losing access due to recent global shocks.

Prioritize clean cooking at the national level and integrate planning and programs across ministries, agencies, and sectors.

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