SSM team held a training session on the production of new stoves

2023-12-18 13:43


Recently, the SSM team held an important production training meeting,

focusing on the upcoming production of new stove models. The purpose of this

training is to ensure compliance with inspection guidelines at every stage of the

production process, including product inspection and packaging inspection.

1. Training courses

Provide comprehensive training to all personnel involved in the production process, including assembly line workers, quality control inspectors and packaging personnel. Through training, we ensure that every employee understands and grasps the production requirements and inspection standards for new stove models.

2. Inspection guidelines

     The Production department clearly defines and communicates inspection guidelines for products and packaging. Inspection guidelines include specific standards, acceptable tolerances and visual standards to ensure that products meet quality requirements.

3. Quality control points

Identify critical control points essential for quality inspection throughout the production process. This helps to identify and resolve potential problems in a timely manner, ensuring that product quality is effectively controlled.

4.Document system

Develop a robust documentation system to document inspection results and any corrective actions taken. This document will serve as an important reference for future improvements and audits, helping us to continuously optimize production processes and improve product quality.

Through this training meeting, the SSM team further clarified the production requirements and inspection standards of the new stove model, and made full preparations for the upcoming production work. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, we will be able to produce high-quality new stove models that will inject new momentum into the development of the company.

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