Use our cleanenery stoves to help the vulnerable people

2023-12-18 13:47


We are proud of our work to reduce open-fire cooking in homes in Africa and Southeast Asia. We would like to share a few stories of how our cookstoves have helped improve the health and well-being of women who once relied on open-fires to cook for their families.

Blanca's Story:

Blanca Castillo is a woman with Parkinson's disease and is a resident of Guacamayitas in Santa Rosa. Blanca explained to us that she regularly burnt her hands when cooking over an open fire. She shared how the SSM S26-13 Stove has improved her quality of life as the fire is contained inside the stove and no longer touches her skin. The height of the stove is also more comfortable for her with two heat-resistant handles and safer for her family. Blanca would like to say thanks to those who care about people like her.

Actually we would like to help more and more families like Blanca.

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