Cold ҈ cold ҈ cold ҈ cold ҈ , vigilant rural winter "charcoal stove heating" tragedy!

2023-12-21 13:40

Cold ҈ cold ҈ cold ҈ cold ҈ , vigilant rural winter "charcoal stove heating" tragedy!

The weather is getting cooler

Warming up around the fire

Is a good choice

But be warned.

There may be safety hazards

There may be safety hazards that you haven't noticed

Recent cases


December 7, Wenshan, Yunnan Province

A family sits on the cement floor to roast fire

The atmosphere was very cozy

However, the next scene

scared everyone present:

"There was a loud bang.

The fire suddenly burst into flames.

"and tongues of flame shot up into the sky.

The crowd rushed to get out of the way.


The fire on the concrete is easy to explode?

Many people heard this knowledge for the first time

But it's true!


On February 13th, Yulin, Guangxi

Mr. Wei had a dinner with his friends

A charcoal barbecue was placed on the concrete floor.

Suddenly exploded

There was a loud noise and sparks were flying

Fortunately, there were no casualties


Simply grilling a fire

How can it explode?

How can this be explained?

It turns out that cement is a bad conductor of heat

Prolonged burning on the cement concrete

It's easy to make it heat unevenly

When it reaches a certain temperature

It will cause expansion or even explosion


Therefore, it is recommended not to burn or barbecue on the concrete floor unless it is necessary, and if you must, you should lay a layer of sand on top of the concrete and then put bricks on top of it to avoid cracking and exploding of the concrete.



With the debut of the cold wave

The weather begins to turn cold

Many rural areas choose to warm up with fire pits

And with that comes danger.


A girl suffered 49% burns after lying on a fire pit to keep warm.

A 4-year-old girl, Bing Bing, was roasting a charcoal fire when she took advantage of her grandmother's bathroom break to lie directly on the fire! When her grandmother came back, the fire had burned all over Bingbing's body, according to the doctor: the fire burned for at least 30 to 40 minutes! Burn area of 49%, belonging to the deep Ⅲ degree burns, the child's mother, Ms. Yang said: her daughter has undergone more than fifty times the size of the operation, costing more than 1.2 million yuan, the whole body is currently scarred spasm, limb function is still damaged.


This traditional way of heating

In addition to the risk of burns

If you are too close to combustible materials in your home

There is also the risk of burning your home


A man started a fire while warming his home with a fire pit.


A man was resting on his bed when he put the fire pit next to his bed, which resulted in the fire igniting the sheets and burning the house to the ground. Therefore, if your home is heated by a coal fireplace, charcoal fire pit or woodpile, please be sure to keep a safe distance from combustible materials to avoid sparks from starting a fire, and in addition, keep the air circulating to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning Do not take the fire pit into the bedroom when you are sleeping! Always extinguish the fire pit or place it in a safe location.


In case of inadvertent fire

Stay calm

Call 119 at the first time

So what do you need to pay attention to about home fire prevention?

Let's take a look

Prevention is better than cure

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