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2023-12-21 13:43

As a senior barbecue enthusiasts, every summer every three to five to come to a meal, flower hair one crayfish, lamb and beef grilled oysters, eggplant and corn potato chips, all of which is my love! As a result of this epidemic last year led me to go out to jerk the frequency of the skewers are reduced a lot of small kitchen appliances enthusiasts how can admit defeat? I thought it wouldn't be too hard to replicate some kebabs at home, so one after another I got several small appliances that can help me eat barbecue at home. As for why I want to get several, of course, it is because each has its own special color rather than I see different ideas, grilled at home for so long is also a little experience, this article to talk about how to grill meat in the end to taste good, and by the way to share my own barbecue grill I've got.

Tip: The barbecue grill in this article does not only refer to the traditional sense of the barbecue grill, as long as it can be used for barbecuing are collectively referred to by me~!

Common Barbecue Grills

I have always thought that barbecue or charcoal grill is tasty, think that the addition of a little smoke and fire flavor is the finishing touch, and then tried the same delicious electric kebabs on the street and had to admit that the smoke and fire is not as important as I thought. In that case, my dream of eating barbecue at home can still be realized, open the shopping site to search for "barbecue grill", we can get the following recommendations:

Ordinary charcoal grill

The cooking method is grilling + frying + smoking. High-temperature roasting can make the ingredients, air and grill net all reach a higher temperature, during the process of grease dripping into the cause of flame burning, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid sizzling of the surface of the ingredients, triggering a Meladic reaction, the amino acids and reducing sugar chemical reaction to produce a variety of aromatic molecules to make the meat taste better, the aroma is more intense.


This method is our most primitive but also the best barbecue method, whether it is the appearance or flavor is the king of the barbecue world, just no yard I can only silently look for its alternatives ......

Multi-function grill

A multifunctional pan or electric skillet, for example, can also fulfill the function of grilling skewers, but the cooking technique is actually frying. The difference between frying and grilling is that grilling is heating the ingredients after applying oil on them, while frying is heating them by brushing oil on the skillet. Although it can also make certain Meladic reaction happen on the surface of the meat, it is not as effective as high temperature sizzling, no matter the temperature or the degree of uniformity of heat.


Electric grill

The typical product of electric grilling is the oven, and the cooking method is actually baking. Oven work by air heat conduction, heat distribution is also more uniform, in the conduction process of air and meat in the water will inevitably evaporate and lose, so this is the current market, many steam oven to add steam and then publicize their own "tender grill" reason. This technique is suitable for ingredients that need to be cooked for a long time, for example, we want to roast a whole chicken, roast large pieces of ribs, the oven has a good performance. Cover with tinfoil during the cooking process and remove it in the last 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to fully sear and get a crispy skin, which is often referred to as crispy and juicy on the outside.


Grill Inventory

Grill Oven

When I think about the first small appliance I bought that can be used for grilling, it should be the oven. But the highest temperature of the oven is only more than 200 degrees, the actual temperature of the cavity has to be further discounted a little bit, with the barbecue grill is no way to compare, and with the oven kebabs is really not very convenient and not good control, the final product flavor always feel almost interesting.


Think about the grill master's skillful technique and our oven grilling what is the difference? When the grill master turns the skewers back and forth to apply oil and brush the sauce, the surface can quickly produce caramelization and Melad reaction, which not only looks good but also makes the meat tender and juicy. But with the oven we not only do not have the technique, but also can not always control the status of the skewers, missing the key back and forth brushing sauce and oil, naturally the meat will not be tender enough.

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