Women needs more attention!

2023-12-22 16:51


Lack of access to clean cooking disproportionately affects women and girls, leading to poor health, lost productivity, and diminished well-being. This burden on women costs the world $0.8 trillion each year.

Achieving universal clean cooking would save the same amount of emissions as the aviation industry, 3.2 million lives, and $2.4 trillion dollars every year.

Equally millions of women within the developing world community cook over open flame, wood fueled stoves, that consume vast amounts of wood. Since deforestation contributes towards global warming, improved cookstoves help (Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) to mitigate climate change due to their reduced need, 30-60%, for firewood. A direct example where developing world women as a block – can help effect change and must be part of the climate change dialogue.

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