Play outdoors, can not do without boiling water cooking, wood stove how

2023-12-25 15:05

With the development of economy and society, people's consumption and leisure and entertainment have also undergone great changes. Returning to nature, exploring and integrating into nature has become a fashionable topic today. Every weekend and holiday, people like to call friends and bring their families out of the door, leave the steel and concrete, to the mountains and grasslands and streams in the woods to camp, set up tents between the mountains and green water, spread tables and chairs, and then spread MATS, put food, full of outdoor play, is really a kind of enjoyment.


Playing outdoors is an upgrade of tourism and travel, it can also be another way of playing, is the wise way to deal with the epidemic not to travel far, playing outdoors is low in cost, short in time, the road can be far and near, the way can be simple and complex, but one thing is for sure, it is very popular, it used to be called picnic, just bring food, pick up firewood, dig a pit and fire. Now people pay attention to convenience and efficiency, but also pay attention to the sense of ritual. Play outdoors to boil water to build tea to cook rice, and then make a barbecue is the minimum procedure and requirements. The stove is the most basic tool and equipment.Sweet potato roasted in a wood stove

Now there are many outdoor stoves, from large and medium-sized gas stoves burning liquefied gas to small carabiners, kerosene stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, there are many in total, each with advantages and disadvantages and advantages and disadvantages, all based on the user's personal preferences.Cooking on a wood stove

I have been playing outdoors for many years, and I have a unique love for wood stoves, which I love and become addicted to. Because the wood stove is very ecological, in line with people's mentality of returning to nature, the things cooked with wood fire are original and have the taste of childhood. More importantly, there is no shortage of firewood, other stoves or gas, or oil, alcohol, electric POTS must be prepared for large-capacity mobile batteries, which is not convenient, but also a small expense. Now firewood can be said to be readily available, whether it is wood packing boxes, old wood strips and dead leaves can be used as fuel for wood stoves, and it is inexhaustible. If you pay attention to a little, you can also buy wood pellet fuel firepower will be stronger.Blast wood gas stove

Wood furnaces are generally divided into two categories, one is the most primitive and simple furnace, there is no dry distillation pyrolysis function, can not produce wood gas, single-layer furnace body, furnace door bar or add a chimney. The advantages are cheap, easy to operate, and relatively large firepower. The disadvantage is that the smoke consumes wood, the furnace body will burn red, easy to burn.Simple packing drum processing and transformation of single-layer wood stove

The other is the current more advanced wood gas furnace, usually the outer layer and the inner combustion chamber, through wood combustion to produce flammable gas, the formation of carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc., to achieve the ideal combustion effect, the working principle is very different from the direct combustion furnace, is the above ignition, top-down combustion, the formation of distillation process, decomposition and synthesis into gaseous combustible substances, The flame erupts from the holes on all sides above the combustion chamber, and the heat is very high. This kind of stove is generally more expensive, and some also increase the air blast function, and the combustion effect is better, comparable to the natural gas stove in the family. This kind of stove has large and small, outdoor use, generally use small, light weight, easy to carry.Can accommodate double wood gas stove

The use of wood stove is more pay attention to the skill, the focus is on the fire, many people are not good at, often make the smoke thick gray, but also often extinguished. In fact, the use of wood stove is very simple, the old stove should pay special attention to the match should be dry and small, to be fully burned after slowly adding wood, the furnace must have a gap, not all filled, to keep the flue unblocked.Two-layer integrated wood gas stove

The new wood gas stove is generally above the fire to support the fire, the wood is small under the thick, if the blower is successful after the small blast, it will soon burn up to form wood gas. Flammable paper or toilet paper can be used to start the fire, of course, alcohol blocks are easier and more convenient.Blast type double wood gas stove

Wild fire should comply with the fire prevention requirements of the local government, use it in the permitted place, be sure to pay attention to whether there is any residual tinder after use, and repeatedly check can be left. Playing outdoor wood stove is a lot of fun, the more you play, the more experienced you will gradually become a master.

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