The joys and troubles of the wood stove outdoors

2023-12-25 15:34

Use wood stove to cook, cook, cook hot pot, eat barbecue, boil water and drink tea are generally outdoors, with family members, children, relatives and friends, bring wood stove to the field, into the nature to enjoy the free and beautiful happy life, lake, pond, river, river fishing with wood stove to eat fresh and delicious fish, fried, baked, boiled, eat do not have a flavor, Even cooking will almost eat up with relish, because a word, fresh. The biggest disadvantage of wood stove is that it will be black pot, smoke, dust and Mars fly, and firewood is sometimes not easy to pick up, especially in rainy weather. Black pot problem is normal, gas, natural gas will also be black pot, who is not black pot bottom? Simply wash it after each use, as long as you don't get black hands on it. Smoke is the smell of fireworks in the human world, and it is acceptable, we are not gods, do not eat fireworks, right? Picking up firewood is also a fun project to play outdoors, everyone has a division of labor, each has their own duties, can cultivate children's hands-on ability, exercise self-care ability, and enhance the sense of team and cooperation. When I was young, the teacher organized a picnic, which is to do their own duties, collect wood, find water, wash vegetables, fire, assign tasks, and work together to eat delicious.

I have been talking for a long time about the former wood stove, and now the wood stove is more and more advanced and practical. According to the above pain points, a large number of upgrades have been made to the wood stove, and the problems of black pot, smoke, flying ash and sparks, and wet firewood have been improved. Black pot is caused by incomplete smoke from the combustion of firewood. Modern wood stoves are designed with secondary air intake, triple air intake, secondary combustion, fierce fire combustion, vortex combustion, vortex centrifugal dust removal, dust collection, Mars. These technological upgrades achieve complete combustion of firewood, large firepower, smokeless, secondary eccentric air inlet design, wind does not enter the furnace, will not blow the fly ash at the bottom of the furnace, flame vortex combustion, centrifugal collection of fly ash Mars, but also designed the hopper of bio-pellet fuel, dedicated to burning bio-pellet fuel, to solve the problem of difficult to find and wet firewood in the field. The stove can be folded and stored in a portable towing box, as easy as a suitcase, no need to carry a hand so hard, the stove is assembled when used, and the folding and storage after use takes only ten seconds, saving worry and effort.

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