Solid fuel cooking - 3% of global emissions

2023-12-26 14:15

Emissions due to burning solid fuels for cooking represents approximately 3% of global emissions, a staggering figure that highlights the urgent need for change. However, with the introduction of the SSM improved cookstove, we have taken a significant step towards revolutionizing clean cooking in Africa and beyond.

By harnessing innovative technology, the SSM improved cookstove not only reduces harmful emissions but also contributes to the preservation of our precious forests. Traditional cooking methods often rely on wood as a fuel source, leading to deforestation and the loss of vital carbon sinks. However, our clean cookstove offers an environmentally friendly alternative, ensuring that forests are saved and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide is preserved.

Despite the progress we have made, the reality is that nearly 2.4 billion people still lack access to clean cooking today. This staggering number serves as a constant reminder that our work has only just begun. We remain committed to expanding our efforts, reaching more communities, and empowering individuals with the tools they need to cook sustainably.

Through partnerships, education, and continued innovation, we strive to bring clean cooking solutions to those who need them the most. By doing so, we not only address the issue of emissions but also improve health outcomes, reduce air pollution, and empower individuals to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.

The journey towards universal access to clean cooking may be challenging, but we are driven by the knowledge that every step we take brings us closer to a more sustainable future. Together, let us continue to push boundaries, break down barriers, and ensure that clean cooking becomes a reality for all.

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