What is the method of making your own wood stove?

2023-12-28 15:44

Speaking of wood stoves I believe that friends who have lived in the countryside are not strange, generally in the past many friends in the countryside are homemade wood stoves, the food cooked with wood stoves is very delicious, until now many businesses will use this kind of wood stoves to cook food. In the countryside, many friends are homemade wood stoves, and now they are made of cement, so next we will understand what is the method of homemade cement wood stoves.

First, what is the method of homemade cement wood stove?

1, the first cement, lime and water in accordance with a certain proportion and into cement slurry for backup. Note that the cement slurry needs to be used in a timely manner.

2, pile the frame of the stove with bricks, and then cut the basic frame of the wood stove layer by layer with water slurry, and wait for the cement slurry to dry.

3, after the completion of the basic framework of the firewood stove, then measure the division of the stove with the pot, and reasonably plan the space. After drying, it is ready for use.

Second, the use of firewood stove precautions?

1, the loading should not be too full, the plane on the fuel must be more than 3 centimeters away from the mouth of the barrel, it is recommended that the user should control the amount of filling at a time.

2, in order to easily ignite, put some flammable kindling on the top of the fuel.

3, after the end of cooking, the remaining fuel in the cylinder must be used up or removed from the cylinder before the fan can be turned off, especially pay attention to not directly on the stove to extinguish the fire.

4, after the fuel is used up, you can use the mounting hook to remove the cylinder to dump the burned ash, but also pay attention to safety and fire prevention.

5, in the adjustment of firepower, the amount of adjustment can not be too large, after the adjustment of firepower needs to change in about 20 seconds.

6, in the process of use and use of the stove before cooling, do not contact the water tank and the surface near the furnace, so as to avoid burns.

7, the smoke pipe must be connected to the outside, and the surrounding area of the smoke pipe and the exit can not be flammable and explosive items.

Third, what is the operation process of firewood stove?

1, first take out the barrel, load the fuel, put the loaded barrel into the furnace;

2, put the switch of the tuyere in the ignition position, ignition from the fuel in the barrel, after the fuel is lit, open the fan switch, and then install the air distribution disc and fire ring with the mounting hook.

3, ignition 5-8 minutes, the fuel into the normal combustion, at this time can be adjusted between the ignition and normal fire size.

4, after a period of normal combustion, if no flame or reduced firepower is found, the tuyere switch should be turned to the ignition position, 20 seconds later if the fire does not change, you can turn the tuyere switch to the charcoal burning position.

5, after the fuel is used up, turn off the fan switch and voltage regulation power supply.

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