What is the heating effect of fireplace and Kang? Which is better in the rural south?

2023-12-29 10:23

The comparison between fireplace and air conditioning: The first is the heat value, air conditioning produces hot air, for large areas and large Spaces, it takes a long process. It takes time to really get warm. At the same time it easily rises to the ceiling, and all the heat is contributed to the ceiling.

The fireplace is through heat radiation, conduction, convection to achieve the heating effect, so it does not have this problem, as long as you ignite, just a few minutes can feel the thermal effect. Second, the use of the cost, the general villa central air conditioning power in 10 to 15, the large can reach 30, they need at least ten degrees of electricity per hour, almost 10 yuan an hour, according to 5 hours, then 50 yuan a day, and the fireplace consumes firewood per hour in 4 to 5 pounds, that is, 4 to 5 yuan, also according to 5 hours, can be saved Half the money, which is why Europeans and Americans are now advocating wood burning and less electricity. Because they think they can save money for the family. Take health, air conditioning for a long time, consume indoor moisture, make people dry skin, especially women, easy to get old, and serious nosebleeds. In addition, due to a long time of sealing, the indoor air will become worse and worse. The thermal radiation generated by the burning of the fireplace is not only good for the body, but also can eliminate symptoms such as arthritis. At the same time, the special atmosphere and beautiful flame vision during the use of the fireplace are incomparable to air conditioning.

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