How well does a wood-burning fireplace warm you?

2023-12-29 10:43

1. The heating effect of air conditioning is poor, the indoor temperature rises slowly, and the indoor air is dry and uncomfortable. When the room temperature is below -10 ° C, the air conditioner loses its heating ability and cannot achieve the required heating effect. Real fire fireplaces are heated mainly by burning wood or compressed wood. The heating power is far greater than all kinds of air conditioning and heating. Under the temperature of -10℃, the house of 40-100 square meters, the fireplace is lit for about 10 minutes, so that the indoor temperature can rise to more than 20℃. The heat transfer of a fireplace is like that of the sun, mainly heat radiation and natural convection. The center of the fireplace can reach several hundred degrees, and the temperature fanned out gradually. The uneven temperature forms the convection of air, regulates the indoor dry humidity, and brings balance to human settlements. The heat of radiation, like sunlight, contains infrared rays that can kill bacteria and drive away moisture, making people feel very warm and comfortable. 2. Human is the product of nature, human is the composition of nature, to a certain level, pay attention to the quality of life will always pursue such a return to nature feeling. Return to nature, close to nature, compatible with nature, this is the law of nature, can not resist. Whether children or the elderly, when they see the real fire burning fireplace, they like to gather in front of the fire, read, chat, party, and love the warm feeling of throwing firewood into the fire.

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