Some people suggest that the countryside stop using wood stoves! Why on earth?

2023-12-29 14:11

Now we all know that the state has a law prohibiting the burning of straw, because the burning of straw pollens the environment. Therefore, when it comes to the autumn harvest season, each township actively acts, sends staff to the fields, inspects and cares, and prevents the straw from being burned and polluting the environment. But the large burning of straw and rural cooking stove for air pollution is completely different, firewood stove pollution can be how big? You could say "minimal."

Now experts suggest that rural areas stop using wood stoves, if the current air pollution problem is pointed at rural wood stoves, then the experts have absolutely no rural life experience, and have no understanding of the actual situation in the countryside. If we really want to solve the problem of environmental pollution, we must first solve the problem of urban pollution. It is not true that the waste gas and waste water brought by the production industry are not larger than that brought by the wood stove, so the expert's advice is not practical and lacks fundamental basis.

People in the city are used to cooking with natural gas, and in the countryside, although natural gas has begun to enter some rural homes, traditional wood stoves are still the most popular way to cook, and most farmers still retain and use wood stoves in their kitchens. Firewood stove is the use of their own crop straw, waste wood, do not need any money, saving family expenses.

Firewood stove is also a cooking tool handed down through the ages, which is deeply rooted in the minds of farmers in rural areas. Especially for the elderly, they have been used to wood stoves, wood stoves for them have deep feelings, with these factors, in the case of the country's prohibition of burning straw to pollute the environment, rural wood stoves should be canceled?

1. Whether to cancel wood stoves according to regional economic and environmental conditions

Burning straw and using wood stoves have polluted the air environment, but wood stoves have existed for thousands of years, and it is impossible to convince the public that there is a reason for air pollution now. The reason is that the rapid development of modern society and the acceleration of industrialization have accelerated the deterioration of the environment. The reason for the deterioration of air quality is also closely related to the rapid development of industry in modern society, the acceleration of manufacturing, and the development of automobile exhaust.

In some remote villages or mountain villages, many people have lived in the same area for generations. The houses are surrounded by mountains and woods, and the villagers go to the mountains or woods to cut wood and cook. They are also used to using wood stoves to smoke sausage and bacon, which has been passed down for thousands of years of living habits, coupled with some areas of economic backwardness, areas are also remote, unable to connect to modern natural gas, you can not limit the use of wood stoves, because wood stoves not only solve the problem of cooking, for backward areas, but also reduce the economic burden.

For rural areas that have become rich after poverty alleviation, wood stoves can be eliminated

Now, farmers in many areas say goodbye to the heavy agricultural life, start a business, turn to other industries, and also contract land to start farmers in the local, all of them are rich, in fact, they are no longer farmers in the real sense, these farmers' areas are completely connected with natural gas. Then, in this well-off, poverty-stricken rural areas and mature areas (such as urban villages or villages on the edge of the city that have received compensation for demolition), such rural bans on wood-burning stoves can be completely abolished.

Third, according to the actual situation of families in individual areas, whether to cancel the wood stove

In addition to the complete elimination of wood stoves in wealthy rural areas and the non-elimination of wood stoves in remote and poor areas, there are still a large number of rural kitchens with gas stoves and wood stoves.

Some families of young and strong young people go out to work, not in their hometown, the family is basically only the elderly and children, and the elderly have been used to wood stoves, the heart is resistant to natural stoves, and the elderly accept new things are poor, so the use of natural gas may be unsafe, they prefer to use wood stoves to cook. Of course, such families in the use of firewood stoves also have security risks, action and reaction ability is slow, if accidentally put the fire outside the stove, and only the elderly and children in the home, will increase the risk of the elderly and children, will also cause family losses. However, compared with gas stoves, it is relatively better to use cooking tools that have been familiar with the habit.

For whether to cancel firewood stoves, whether rural firewood stoves have pollution to the environment, I think farmers have the biggest say, perhaps a rural uncle's speech will make the experts speechless. As for the expert's suggestion of banning the use of wood stoves, it is also suggested that the expert go to live in the countryside for a period of time, actually understand the situation in various rural areas, and also understand the food made by the traditional cooking tools passed down for thousands of years in China, before publishing his own advice.

We all understand that in fact, compared with hundreds or even thousands of years ago, the air is not so good now, indicating that the air pollution of wood stoves is not large, so whether to cancel wood stoves according to the actual regional situation, rather than a blanket cut. Wood stoves are quite different from large area burning of straw, so one cannot generalize. Think about why restaurants in cities with wood-fired dishes do well, because the iron pot of wood-fired dishes heats evenly, and the food is better than the gas stove.

In summary, everything should be gradual, after the development of the country more and more progress, all areas have gas, rural life generally improved, and slowly eliminated firewood stove, so the experts put forward suggestions in rural areas do not use firewood heating cooking, can not be a one-size-fits-all, in order to truly control environmental pollution, first of all should control the source of industrial pollution and vehicle exhaust emissions. This is the focus of environmental pollution control.

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