Make smokeless wood stoves

2024-01-02 13:32

1. Prepare materials

Materials to be prepared for the production of anthracite wood stove are: 2 rectangular steel pipes, 1 round steel pipe, 4 Angle steel, hammer, dresser, electric welding machine and electric welding pliers.

2. Design drawings

The production of smokeless wood stove needs to be based on the actual needs and available materials to design drawings, including size, shape, etc. Common smokeless wood stoves are basically rectangular or square furnace bodies and round chimneys, with ash discharge holes left at the bottom.

Three, cutting and welding

According to the design drawing, trim the steel pipe with a dresser and cut the required length. Then the Angle steel is welded to connect the furnace body to the support. Then the round steel pipe and rectangular steel pipe are welded to complete the production of the chimney. Finally, the welding part is polished and painted to achieve a beautiful effect.

Fourth, secondary combustion

The characteristic of the smokeless wood stove is that in addition to the chimney, a secondary combustion tube is designed to make the flue gas contact the air again, so as to achieve the re-combustion of the flue gas and reduce the generation of smoke.

In the process of use, the firewood is put into the bottom chamber of the furnace body, the use of a lighter to light the firewood, so that the firewood is on fire, add more firewood, and when the fire is strong, the secondary combustion tube is closed to achieve secondary combustion.

【 Conclusion 】

This paper introduces the process of making anthracite wood stove, including preparing materials, designing drawings, cutting and welding, secondary combustion and so on. The production of smokeless wood stove can solve the problem of large amount of smoke caused by inadequate combustion of ordinary wood fire, and achieve environmental protection and efficient combustion effect.

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