The boy handmade wood stove, fire like the tail flame of a rocket, is really impressive

2024-01-02 14:06

Can you believe it? This hand-made wood stove in the video has no blower or other operation, and its flame also soared to the sky, which is more powerful than Laojun's refining stove. If Laojun had used my hand-made wood stove 500 years ago, the monkey that made trouble in the sky would not have escaped from the stove. This fierce stove only needs a few simple materials. It can be made with a little processing

Xiaobian will share the entire production process with you today, first of all, take a steel pipe with a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 37 cm in the Lao Wang's house next door, and weld the handle on both sides of the steel pipe, and then draw a circular hole at the bottom of the steel pipe, after opening the hole, put a small steel pipe into it, and then weld and seal it. The role of this small steel pipe is to ventilate it. Take some rebar and put it inside the steel pipe and draw a mark the same length as the steel pipe

Then cut the steel bars to the same length, and then weld all the steel bars to a three centimeter long short steel pipe, two of the steel bars are cut shorter, and then weld two iron rings on the above, to play a fixed role, so make a steel cage, put the steel cage into the thick iron pipe, welded together, and then make a furnace cover, find an iron plate with a diameter of 20 centimeters, Drill a fire hole through it, and put two of these bars on the lid

Weld it to the stove cover to fix it, and then use a few steel bars to make a shelf, convenient for boiling water, cooking, cooking and so on, a lid that can be taken off at any time is completed, and finally install a valve on the intake steel pipe to better control the size of the fire, then put wood inside the stove, ignite it to try the effect, as the wood slowly burns up. The fire is getting bigger and bigger, there is no blower, the fire is almost like the tail flame of a rocket, see here, do you know what the science is? So welcome to leave a comment in the comments section, did you learn today? I'll see you next time,

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