Method of making outdoor wood stove

2024-01-04 11:41

. Introduction

A reliable wood stove is an essential tool for outdoor activities. It can provide us with functions such as hot water, cooking food and heating. This article will introduce a simple and practical method of making an outdoor wood stove to help you solve the basic needs of life while surviving in the wilderness or camping.

2. Material preparation

A hollow metal bucket (about 30 cm in diameter)

· Pliers and hammer up

· Metal mesh about 50 cm in length

· Tin scissors and wire

· Gloves and safety glasses

Make Step 3.

Step 1: Prepare

1. Wear gloves and safety glasses to ensure your own safety

2. Use pliers and a hammer to open the bottom of the metal bucket to create a large circular hole

Step 2: Make the bracket

3. Unroll the metal mesh and cut out a suitable size mesh segment according to the diameter of the metal bucket. 4. Roll the mesh into a cylinder shape and secure the ends with wire to form a stand

Step 3: Make the combustion chamber

5. Place the support in the metal bucket so that the bottom of the support is at a certain distance from the bottom of the metal bucket.

6. Use pliers and a hammer to make small holes in the sides of the metal bucket for ventilation.

Step 4: Make the air inlet

7. Select a position on the side of the metal barrel and use tin shears to cut out a small hole for the air intake 8. Fix the wire to the air intake to control the intake air volume

Step 5: Refine the details

9. Carefully check the entire wood stove manufacturing process to ensure that all parts are solid and reliable.

10. Clean the sharp edges and debris in the metal bucket, so as not to cause injury or affect the use effect.

Usage method

11. Place the wood stove on a flat surface and make sure there are no inflammables around.

12. Put firewood and tinder in the bottom of the metal bucket and light the tinder.

13. Adjust the size of the air inlet and control the oxygen flow to achieve the appropriate combustion effect.

14. Place the items that need to be heated or cooked on top of the metal bucket and use the flame and heat to heat or cook.

15. After use, wait until the firewood is completely extinguished to ensure safety before cleaning and storage.

Matters needing attention

16. When making and using wood stoves, be sure to pay attention to your own safety to avoid burns and other accidental injuries

17. Use wood stoves outdoors only, and make sure there are no inflammables around.

18. Please pay attention to the wind direction and wind when using the wood stove to avoid causing fire or other dangers

19. When cleaning the wood stove, please ensure that the wood is completely extinguished, and avoid touching the metal part directly with your hands to avoid being burned.


With the introduction of this article, you have now learned a simple and practical way to make an outdoor wood stove. Hopefully this method will help you with the basic needs of life while you are in the wilderness or camping. Remember to always be safe in outdoor activities and follow the relevant fire regulations. Wish you a happy and safe outdoor life!

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