Principle of smokeless wood stove

2024-01-04 13:50

Anthracite wood stove is a kind of heating equipment that uses anthracite or wood fire to burn. Its principle is to transfer the heat generated by combustion to the furnace body, and exhaust the flue gas through the flue to achieve the purpose of heating.The main components of anthracite furnace include furnace body, combustion chamber, flue and so on. The furnace body is a closed container that is used to house the combustion chamber and flue. The combustion chamber is where the fuel is burned, providing an environment with sufficient oxygen to allow the fuel to burn completely. Flue is a pipe that exhausts the flue gas produced by combustion.When ignition is initiated, the fuel (anthracite or firewood) is placed in the combustion chamber and the fuel is ignited. In the process of combustion, the combustible substances in the fuel react chemically with oxygen to produce flue gas and a large amount of heat energy.The flue gas first passes through the fuel in the combustion chamber to ignite the unburned coal or wood fire. The flue gas then enters the furnace through the flue and transfers heat energy in the furnace body. The material of the furnace body is usually a metal with good thermal conductivity, such as cast iron, stainless steel, etc. These metals have good heat transfer properties and can transfer heat energy to the room to play a heating role.At the same time, the design of the flue also has a great impact on the transfer of heat energy. The length, diameter and bending Angle of the flue will affect the flow of smoke. A reasonable flue design can reduce the resistance of flue gas and improve the efficiency of heat transfer.When the flue gas passes through the furnace body, it will contact the surface of the furnace body and transfer heat energy to the furnace body. The greater the surface area of the furnace, the better the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the furnace body of anthracite furnace is usually designed with porous structure or diffusion function to increase the area of contact between the furnace body and the smoke.At the same time, the flue of the anthracite stove also has an important role, that is, to remove the smoke and the exhaust gas generated by combustion. Because the smoke produced by the combustion of anthracite and firewood contains some harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc., the flue must discharge these exhaust gases outside to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor air.In general, the principle of anthracite furnace is to transfer the heat generated by combustion to the furnace body, and discharge the smoke through the flue, and thus achieve the purpose of heating. It can efficient use of anthracite or firewood as fuel provides a comfortable indoor temperature while keeping the indoor air clean and safe.

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