How does a smokeless wood stove work?

2024-01-04 15:41

The principle and structure of smokeless wood stove is to achieve the effect of smokeless or less smoke through the full combustion of air convection.

Smokeless wood stove is a device that can reduce smoke emissions when burning wood, the principle is to increase the oxygen of burning wood through air convection, so that the combustion is more full, thus reducing smoke emissions. Smokeless wood stoves usually have a double-layer construction, outside the outer glass or metal shell, discharging porous air, allowing air to flow freely and increasing air flow. When air enters the combustion chamber, it speeds up the combustion process and reduces smoke emissions.

The structure of smokeless wood stove is mainly divided into three parts: combustion chamber, porous plate and combustion bottom plate. The combustion chamber is the space inside the installation used to contain the burning wood, from which the flame rises when burning. The perforated plate is located above the combustion chamber, which is an iron plate with many holes, through which air can enter the combustion chamber during combustion, increasing oxygen, thereby reducing smoke emissions, and the combustion bottom plate is located below the perforated plate, which is used to collect solid emissions such as residual ash and charcoal.

Characteristics of smokeless wood stove

Reduce smoke and smoke smell by increasing air flow and oxygen supply, making combustion more full, reducing smoke and smoke smell. It can also be safe and reliable, and the double-layer structure of the smokeless wood stove can effectively prevent the transfer of heat to the external structure, so as to ensure the safety of use. The problem of environmental protection and energy saving is solved, because the smokeless wood stove can reduce the smoke smell and smoke smell, make the outdoor natural environment more clean, and because the combustion is more full, the consumption of firewood can be reduced.

The smokeless wood stove has been upgraded to an integrated stove, which is also known as environmental protection stove or comprehensive environmental protection stove in the industry. Integrated stove is a kitchen appliance that integrates various functions such as range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet and storage cabinet. It has the advantages of saving space, good smoke exhaust effect, energy saving, low consumption and environmental protection. The oil fume absorption rate of general integrated furnace is 95% and above.

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