6 kinds of road trip portable stoves PK! See what works for you

2024-01-16 15:00

In recent years, in the circle of self-driving tour enthusiasts, one of the more frequently asked questions is what kind of stove should be chosen for self-driving travel?

Most of the friends who have had the experience of driving should know that although the process of driving is free and happy, how to eat dinner, eat hot and safe food in this process, so that they and their partners eat well and eat comfortably is the biggest problem.

After all, the distance of the road trip is not long, short can be a few hours, a day or two, long is a few days, a few months is not no, in this process, we can not find a suitable place to eat ready-made meals every meal point.

Of course, we can also bring some convenient food in the car, such as instant noodles, bread, cans, nuts, etc., long storage time, open bag ready to eat food to fill the stomach.

But the problem is that this kind of food is used as an emergency, and it is OK to deal with one or two meals, if it is eaten for a long time, it will not cause bad effects on health, that is, our tongue and stomach can not stand it!

So, today, let's share some stoves suitable for road trip lovers to carry with their cars! Let everyone who longs for freedom have access to healthy, fresh meals!

1. Kerosene stove (or diesel stove) :


Relatively high safety, high calorific value of combustion, low fuel cost;


1, the fuel is not easy to replenish outside (diesel furnace is easy to replenish);

2, need to preheat when using, there is black smoke and kerosene smell;

2. Gasoline stove:


Strong firepower, because the use of temporary extraction of fuel in the mailbox, so it can pass the security check;


1, there is black smoke in the early stage of use, and the stove needs to be cleaned after use, and the stove head is easy to block;

2, many gas stations will not sell gasoline, some can sell, but need to go to the police station to open a certificate, and pumping gasoline is also a very troublesome thing;

2, the smell of gasoline is very large, very affect the appetite, it is difficult to smell the taste when you can eat, put the cart before the horse;

Third, induction cooker (or electric pressure cooker) :


The safest, cleanest and most convenient; It can be used in the car;


The use cost is relatively high, because the electricity consumption of induction cookers is very large, and some even need to be used with their own generators;

Four, cassette furnace:


Small size, mainly convenient;


1, the cost is much, the long-term use of the cost is huge, a meal is basically a can of gas, short use time, higher price than liquefied gas, not suitable for long-term use;

2, can not pass the security inspection, go to Tibet, Xinjiang can not be used, check the gas tank check is very tight, have more security checkpoints; Even many regular parking places do not allow the use of carburets.

5. Wood stove:


Economy, security; When there is no other energy, it still works, suitable for long-term walking in uninhabited areas;


1, the mountain fire can not be used;

2, easy to appear black smoke, black pot bottom phenomenon, and the way to find fuel and lighting are very troublesome;

Six, the new portable alcohol stove:


1, open fire smokeless and tasteless burning, safety and health, double fire burning firepower is strong and sufficient, whether it is for emergency use or as a stove for long-term use are very suitable;

2, small size, simple wireless design, easy to carry;

3, there is a high temperature glass tube surrounded by the fire point, not only wind, but also strengthen the safety.

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