Carbon Offsets - Clean Cookstoves Africa

2024-01-20 15:38

Cleaner cookstove projects improves the livelihoods of people and communities in Africa.

Around the world, some 3 billion people still cook on an open fire. They cook food for their families, heat their homes and in many cases, purify their water through boiling.

This is not only inefficient, but also expensive, with the cost of fuel being a large weekly outgoing. It is also a cause of deforestation. It is estimated that over 50% of all wood harvested worldwide is used as a fuel source. With around 30% of that wood estimated to be from unsustainable sources. As you would expect, the use of unsustainable timber for cooking is particularly prominent in developing countries.

Deforestation is an increasingly large issue. In fact, on average, an area of tree cover the size of the United Kingdom was lost every year between 2014 and 2018.

This is where clean cookstoves have an important role to play. By providing more efficient cooking equipment to households and communities, it can really benefit the people that need it most.

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