SSM carries out training activities on occupational health

2024-05-16 15:51

01 Occupational Health Assessment Questionnaire

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At the beginning of the training activities, through a designed occupational health assessment questionnaire, employees had an in-depth understanding of their own occupational health status, identified and paid attention to potential health risks, and thus took a positive first step.

02 Occupational Health Talk

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Afterwards, an occupational health lecture kicked off. The content not only covered the mportance of occupational health and hygiene, but also included key information such as the basic overview and overview of occupational diseases, the harmful factors of occupational diseases, and prevention and response measures.

03 Communication And Q&A With Prizes

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During the interactive communication session during the lecture, questions raised by employees were answered professionally. In addition, with the start of the question and answer session with prizes, everyone's enthusiasm was ignited and they actively participated. While employees have a deep understanding of occupational health knowledge, they also received exquisite gifts as an encouragement for their active participation and knowledge mastery.

04 Improvement Of Knowledge And Cohesion

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Through this training, we not only deepened employees' understanding of occupational health, but also enhanced cohesion among teams. Each participant gained valuable knowledge and practical skills, which added to the health of individuals and teams.

05 Protect Occupational Health Together

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Finally, thanks to all colleagues who participated in the training. It is your enthusiastic participation that laid a solid foundation for building a healthy working environment. Let us go hand in hand, integrate the concept of "prevention first" into our daily work, protect each other's occupational health, and create a better future together!

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