SSM was invited to participate in the GACCF Ghana

2023-09-11 22:00

SSM was invited to participate in the Global Alliance Clean Cooking Forum (GACCF) in Ghana,   over 40 organizations from all over the world participated in this forum. The theme of the forum is "improving the health,protecting the climate and environment,empowering women" . This forum provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in the field of clean energy and cooking solutions.


Mr. Shen, as the chairman of SSM, presented on the topic of "Technology,challenges and solutions of Clean Cookstoves." In his presentation, he discussed various aspects related to clean cookstoves and their global market promotion. Here are some key points he has covered:

1.**Clean Energy Technology**: Mr. Shen shared the clean energy technologies of clean cookstoves,includes the use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient designs, and emission reduction technologies.

2. Challenges and Solutions: Mr. Shen mentioned the challenge of the affordable clean cookstovs. Lots of end users in developing countries are still use the traditional stoves which has lots of smoke when using and it is harmful to their health. How to design an affordable and durable clean cookstove is the key to fix it, SSM featured ceramic chamber is the key part of durable clean cookstove. Mr. Shen also mentioned partnerships with local organizations, governments is a solutions to reduce the cost the stove.


The clean cookstoves can lead to numerous benefits, including improved health, environmental conservation, time and cost savings, and enhanced gender equality. Designing, manufacturing and promoting the use of clean cookstoves is a vital step toward achieving sustainable development and reducing the negative impacts of traditional cooking methods on health and the environment.

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