What is Clean Cooking?

2024-06-22 13:48

Clean cooking refers to the use of cleaner and more efficient stoves, fuels, and technologies for cooking and heating in households. It aims to replace traditional cooking methods that rely on solid fuels like wood, charcoal, or dung in a quite inefficient way such as three-stone cooking which produce harmful smoke and pollutants.

The primary goals of clean cooking are:

1.Health: Reduce indoor air pollution, which is a significant health hazard, particularly affecting women and children who spend a lot of time near the stoves.

2.Environment: Decrease deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional cooking methods.

3.Socio-economic: Improve livelihoods by freeing up time spent on fuel gathering and reducing healthcare costs associated with indoor air pollution.

Clean cooking solutions include improved cookstoves that burn fuel more efficiently and produce less smoke, as well as cleaner fuels such as LPG, biogas, ethanol, and solar energy. However, for people in underdeveloped countries that cannot afford too expensive fuels and stoves, we(SSM) have the specific method/solutions to solve the issues. We specially designed inexpensive and efficient stoves for them to solve the problem of high prices, as well as to improve their health and time utilization.

Governments, NGOs, and international organizations promote clean cooking initiatives to address health, environmental, and socio-economic challenges faced by communities relying on traditional cooking methods.

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