Stove Use and Preference

2024-06-22 13:54

At SSM, everything we do is built on a foundation of honesty, transparency, and practice!

We have done many stoves for carbon projects in Africa. We are aware that concerns have been raised around the adoption rates and the suitability of the cookstove devices in a rural African setting, and we have been doing actual studies to find out more about stove use habits and preferences.

So far, we have conducted habit surveys of 14,218 households in Zimbabwe and found that an impressive 91.3% of households use their stove at least once a day, with only 0.6% not using them at all.

The habit survey results also showed that:

✨ 72% of families use their cookstoves twice a day or more

✨ 54% also use the stoves to heat their bath water

✨ The cookstove is also used for other daily household activities

Most households found that cookstoves outperform open fires across various aspects such as durability, temperature control, fire stability, amount of smoke produced, and ease of use in general.

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