Ten Years with the Clean Cooking Alliance

2023-09-11 22:21

As of September 11, 2023, SSM celebrates a decade-long partnership with the Clean Cooking Alliance, a global organization dedicated to promoting energy-saving stoves.

2013 Global Clean Cookstove Forum in Cambodia       2014 Global Clean CookstoveMeeting

Ghana’s exhibition in 2015                 2016 China-US clean stove international forum

2017 Global Clean Cookstove Forum        2018 shell moving future innovative energy summit

Throughout this remarkable journey, SSM has actively engaged in numerous world-class conferences and forums, aligning its mission with the Alliance's commitment to advancing clean cooking solutions. These collaborative efforts have not only expanded awareness about energy-saving stoves but have also contributed to the global dialogue on sustainable cooking practices.

As SSM reflects on the past ten years of collaboration with the Clean Cooking Alliance, it continues to work tirelessly towards its shared vision of a world where clean and efficient cooking solutions are accessible to all, improving lives and protecting the environment.

2019 Global Clean Cookstove Forum in Kenya

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