While the rising sun shines over each and every household, replacing the old stove with a new stove

2023-09-11 22:33

According to estimates by the current Clean Cooking Alliance, as the global population increases, the number of people using biomass fuel for cooking is expected to increase, reaching 1.24 billion by 2025. By sustainably growing the market and increasing access to clean energy technologies, carbon credit offsets have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people and help future generations to benefit from it. Among them, the problem in African countries is particularly significant. Every year, many women and children suffer from respiratory and vision diseases due to smoke pollution from outdated stoves. At the same time, outdated cooking methods also accelerate global climate change to some extent warm."Three Stone Fire" cooking in Africa:

Although it is convenient to use the original cooking utensils made from the local environment, the burning efficiency is extremely low, resulting in a waste of fuel (wood). The toxic gases produced in the cooking process also make women and children's health unprotected.

“Stainless Steel Super Pot”-- Our special double layer design

This is the most efficient pasteurization / boiling cook pot you will ever use for large volume water sanitation (only twigs required)!

It is amazing for both wood fired stoves or charcoal stoves. This is the most efficient cooking pot you have ever used! With a 7- liter volume, it can quickly boil water with less fuel.

SSM Clean Wood Stove:

SSM's biomass wood stove can well replace those outdated stoves. The specific performance is as follows: a year's carbon dioxide emission reduction is 3 tons, firewood is saved by 50%, and carbon monoxide and other harmful substances are reduced by 70%. And the long product life has allowed local people to use it for more than 8 years!

Note: All materials of the stove can be recycled and used again without affecting the local ecology.

The picture shows a local family from Africa using our wood stove for some years and liked our stove very much.

Our company has successfully sold nearly three million clean wood stoves in Africa, all of which have received good feedbacks. At present, investment is continuously expanded, new equipment is introduced, and production processes are improved to prepare for more projects.

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