An ISO Standard Lab Built in 2021

2023-09-12 17:02

R & D a new improved cookstove is complicated. Developing a new and improved cookstove is a complex process that requires extensive research and development.

SSM initially relied on ARC to conduct testing for their new cookstove models before building their own ISO standard lab. Indeed, relying on external testing facilities like the ARC team can be time-consuming and costly for ongoing product testing and development. That's why SSM choose to invest in their own ISO standard lab.

The establishment of a new ISO lab and collaboration with prestigious institutions like Zhejiang University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology have undoubtedly accelerated SSM's progress in developing and pushing new cookstoves to market

SSM's mission to develop efficient, clean cookstoves, promote their adoption, and strive for carbon neutrality aligns with global sustainability goals and reflects a commitment to improving the environment and the well-being of people worldwide.


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