The pot skirt (also pot ring) is a useful accessory to our rocket stove. It can protect the flame from the wind and concentrates the heat from the fire to the pot bottom as well as the sides, so the heat is more concentrated, heat efficiency will be improved by 25%, the smoke output will be reduced by 20%. In a word, cook much faster and less fuel with it.

Product performance

Unique features: smokeless flame without sparks - the power ring is a useful accessory for SSM stove. This stainless steel power ring can be changed in diameter by means of a screw on the side.

Easy to use: place the pot skirt on the top of your stove. You can easily adjust the diameter of the power ring by locking the screw.

Versatile uses: The power ring is ideal for outdoor use, on your patio, in the garden, yard or camping and allows you to enjoy traditional cooking with Dutch oven and cast pan.

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Lifespan and warranty:

Lifespan: 2-3 years based on proper use and maintance.

Warranty: 1 years

Package Details:

Product size: Diameter 25cm-35cm, Height 8.5cm.

Individual package size: 27cmx27cmx10cm. Weight:0.45kg

Units/20 GP: 3864pcs/20GP, Units/ 40 HQ:9152pcs

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